Presentation of the periodical “Spiritual Telegraph” (may 8, 1852)


Periodical: Spiritual Telegraph – Devoted to the illustration of spiritual intercourse

“The agitation of thought is the beginning of wisdom”

Published by Charles Partridge, no.3 Courtland Street –

Terms, one dollar and fifty cents per annum; single copies, three cents.
Volume I, Number 1


The Publisher to his Patrons

This number of the Spiritual Telegraph as nearly symbolizes my ideal, of what the friends of the spiritual cause demand, as could be expected in the confusion necessarily attending a new enterprise of this nature. Room for improvement is perceived, and from time to time the paper will present such interesting features, as the patronage of the public, and the growing resources of the subject, will enable me to command. If in the present number we do not enter very largely into the discussion of fundamental principles, the reader will find our general purpose, and the future tone and character of the paper, clearly indicated.

Be it understood, once for all, that no communication, written in a respectful and earnest manner, will be rejected because the sentiments uttered do not accord with our own, or those generally held; for it is one of the chief objects of this paper to faithfully represent all the phases of thought entertained by spirits and mortals on the subject of spiritual phenomena. We therefore ask that indulgence from our readers, which will not take offense if sentiments are presented which they think are opposed to all sound reason and reliable revelations; for, it may be that those who form their conclusions with but partial knowledge of the subject, or from viewing it in a single aspect, may hold erroneous views, for which a more comprehensive and enlightened judgment shall furnish no warrant. We have no wish to disturb people unnecessarily, and therefore hope that no one will subscribe for this paper, who can not hear to have his own cherished opinions jostled, and, if need he, to yield his crude speculations to a more majestic philosophy, without losing the command of his temper.

I have not undertaken this enterprise, with the hope or expectation of pecuniary profit, and I shall be entirely satisfied if it shall meet the wishes of those most deeply interested, and at the same time, subserve the great interests of human progress. I shall publish the paper weekly, for one year, whether it pays or not; and for my disposition and ability to do so, I am at liberty to refer to Hon. Horace Greeley, and others if neccessary. I trust that no one will hesitate to forward the subscription price at once, for no name will be entered until the money is received. To save time and unnecessary expense in the management of the publication department, I shall give no receipt for subscriptions, other than the paper, the regular appearance of which, with the entries on the books of the concern, will constitute the evidence of the fact, as well as the extend of the subscribers’ claims on the publisher.

I unhesitatingly call on the believers in spiritual intercourse and reform, far and near, to use their personal efforts in behalf of the Spiritual Telegraph, and the great objects to which it is to be devoted. The number of subscribers already received, and the kind and encouraging sentiments expressed from various sections of the country, far exceed my expectations, for which the friends referred to will please accept my grateful acknowledgments.

Number one, is sent to all whose names have been forwarded, but only those who comply with our terms are authorised to expect the succeeding numbers.

Charles Partridge


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