Livros e Livretos em Inglês



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DU LUDE, Comte. Daimonologia: Treatise of Spirits. (Londres, 1723, 182 p.)

ANONYMUS. An Essay on the History and Reality of Apparitions: Being an account of what they are, and what they are not; whence they come, and whence they come not. As also how we may differentiate between the apparations of Good and Evil spirits, and how we ought to behave to them. With a Great variety of surprising and diverting examples never published before. (Londres, 1727, 395 p.)

SWEDENBORG, E. The Wisdom of Angels concerning the divine providence. (translated from Latin, Amsterdam, 1764) [Edição americana de 1796, Boston].



TAYLOR, Isaac. Physical Theory of another life. (Londres, 1836, 321 p.)


ANONYMUS. A Return of Departed Spirits of the Highest Characters of Distinction. (Philadelphia, 1843, 52 p.)

COLLYER, R. H. Psychography: or the embodiment of thought.  (1843, 44 p.)

COXE, John Redman. Considerations respecting the recognition of friends in another world, among other texts. (Philadelphia &New York, 1845, 89 p.)

DENDY, Walter Cooper. The Philosophy of mystery. (New York, 1847, 442 p.)

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NEALE. The Unseen World: Communications with it, real or imaginary. (Londres, 1847, 216 p.)

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SWEDENBORG. On the Intercourse between the soul and the body. (Translated from the Latin in 1848, p. 34)

LAMSON, David. Two years experience among the Shakers: Being a description of the manners and customs of that people, the nature and policy of their government, THEIR MARVELLOUS INTERCOURSE WITH THE SPIRITUAL WORLD, etc. (1848, 212 p.)

LEWIS, E.E. A Report of the mysterious noises heard in the house of Mr. John Fox. (Rochester, 1848, 40 p.)


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GÉLEY, Gustave. Reincarnation(London, 1930, 59 p.) [Exemplar que pertenceu a Fernando Pessoa].